Dental DLP 3D printer

It’s the Global Highest Level’s DLP 3D printer which optimize in dental.
It’s the optimum Digital Dentistry partner to apply in dentist prosthetic
dentistry and straighten etc.


SLA 3D printer

As Additive Manufacturing of laser scanning it’s optimization
in complex and detailed product, the surface profile and exterior
quality of output are more outstanding than other 3D printer,
advantage in simple after work it used in house appliances, car,
industrial prototype.


Industrial DLP 3D printer

Print exquisite modeling combination with high resolution projector
(Full HD) and low contraction rate resin.
Perfect hardware design and equipment structure show highly rate of
printing success. Make exquisite several results in a short time.


Jewelry DLP 3D printer

Protect your original design’s data to outflow and raise your own design
competitiveness through delicate quality of Jewelry Print J series.
Production period of prototype is one day also casting plumb
making jewelry product is simple.

VELTZ 3D Printing Center

Best equipment and best service

We step ahead with reliability and the best quality.
We confident to keep offer the good service and revolve the quality
and sharing new technique and vision with customer.


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